Dawn Leaks inquiry report should be presented to Parliament: Imran

Imran Khan addressing rally

SARGODHA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has on Friday expressed that the inquiry report of Daen Leaks should be presented to the Parliament.
PTI Chairman was addressing a mammoth public gathering at Sargodha.
Imran Khan declared Dawn Leaks as the one of the most important issues in country’s history.
He professed that the enemy of this country are trying to weaken Pak Army.
“It was revealed in Dawn Leaks that PM Nawaz wants friendly relations with India however the army does not agree to this,” Imran Khan added.
He commented that if such sort of situations arose within India, the action would have been taken within 48 hours.
Imran Khan declared that the prime minister’s ‘lies’ have been exposed after the Qatari letter was rejected by the Supreme Court.
PTI Chairman expressed that everybody knows that Qatari letter is a fraud.
He paid homage to the people of Kashmir for their firm determination despite the Indian atrocities.
Imran Khan also lambasted the PML-N leaders for their false promises regarding power outages.
He professed that the government has failed to fulfill the promises being made with the masses.
PTI Chairman expressed that Shahbaz Sharif name should be changed for failing to end outages.
Imran Khan also alleged that the government is busy in maligning Pak Army when there already is tension along the borders.


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