HEC focusing on quality education and standard of research: Dr Mukhtar


ISLAMABAD: The current focus of Higher Education Commission (HEC) is to improve the quality of higher education and standard of academic research and ensure that the research being produced is beneficial for the nation and society.
The race for rankings and impact factor is of no use if the real impact of knowledge creation is absent.
The thought was shared by Professor Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman, Higher Education Commission (HEC), in his lecture delivered at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad here Wednesday.
He was addressing senior academics and students in an exclusive session titled “Higher Education in Pakistan: Status, Trends and Prospects” which aimed at discussing the prevailing scenario, upcoming opportunities and challenges faced by higher education sector in Pakistan as well as the steps and strategies being taken up by HEC to cater the issues.
A large number of senior academicians including vice chancellors, deans, head of departments and research supervisors were among the participants.
He revealed that he has stopped 110 PhD programs in various public and private universities due to quality issues and HEC will not compromise on academic corruption despite all the pressures the
national institution had to face from influential quarters.
He denounced the efforts to undermine the successes gained by HEC during the last 15 years and was of the view that provincial HECs being formed will be counter-productive.
Dr Ahmed informed that it took HEC seven years to acquire an international engineering membership with the combine efforts of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Now the engineering graduates from Pakistan can get a job anywhere in the world without going through any additional exam for accreditation in other countries.


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