Imran wants implementation of articles 62,63 to disqualify dishonest MPs


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan Tuesday called for implementation of articles 62, 63 of the constitution and said that his struggle was not to become prime minister of Pakistan.
Talking to newsmen after party leaders meeting to review the hearing of the Panama leaks case in Supreme Court, the PTI said that “There are other ways to become Prime Minister.”
He said that the prime minister had given his reply over the Panama Leaks case twice; once in the parliament and for the second time in his address to the nation. “On both instances he protected his children,” he said.
“In 2012 Maryam Nawaz had said that her family had no property abroad,” he said, adding that only because of the Panama Leaks case she had to accept that she owned properties abroad.
“The British Prime Minister and the Brazil President resigned because they had lied. Lying to the country is not a small matter,” he said.
“How can the state keep a check on corruption, when there are cases of corruption on the prime minister,” he said.
“Moral standards for PM are much higher than the standards that are out for the ordinary people”, he said, adding that how could people like Khawaja Asif say that the people will forget this when the Prime Minister has been caught lying repeatedly to the public about his wealth?
He said that the country was drowning in debt; how will Pakistan progress when the country has no system of collecting taxes while the people have no faith in the integrity of the Prime Minister to trust him with their tax money.
“There was a remark in Supreme Court; it was that the qualification of “Sadiq & Ameen”, if it is strictly applied then there may be no one left in Parliament. ,” he said that added that it would be good if no parliamentarian including him was left if this law was applied because at least “we will be able to save Pakistan”.



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