Malala mediates in Veena Malik-Asad Khattak rift


DUBAI: As speculations continue whether Pakistani actress Veena Malik would reconcile with her husband and save their marriage, the couple has just been lent a helping hand by none other than the young Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai.
According to reports, Malala and her father have contacted Veena and her husband of three years, Asad Khattak, in an attempt to convince the couple to reconcile, after the actress obtained ‘khula’ (dissolution of marriage) last week.
The 19-year-old Nobel laureate and her family are on good terms with Veena and Khattak. After news emerged of the impending divorce, Malala and her father contacted the couple via phone and tried to convince them to reconcile.
Apart from Malala, two religious scholars are also in contact with the estranged couple in attempts to save their marriage. One of the scholars hails from Karachi while the other belongs to a Tableeghi Jamaat.
They have reportedly instructed Khattak to maintain an even temperament, as they try to talk Veena out of the khula.
Meanwhile, sources said that Veena has assured these personalities that she will review her decision to obtain divorce.
Veena filed for khula (when the wife uses her right to demand separation) after a rift with Khattak and his family over her return to showbiz, sources informed earlier.
Her counsel confirmed the separation, saying that the family court issued the decree on January 31, 2017 after his client filed for khula. The court ruled in favour of Veena as Khattak failed to appear in court.
Her husband, meanwhile, appears determined to save the marriage. Tweeting over the weekend, Khattak expressed hope everything will work out soon.


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