Mob attacks man for alleged blasphemous remarks in Chitral


CHITRAL: A mob has beaten up a man in mosque for alleged blasphemous remarks and attacked the police station on Friday.
According reports, the man pushed the imam of the mosque to allow him to speak after Friday prayer. The reports quoted eyewitnesses, as saying that man uttered blasphemous remarks.
The people present on the occasion began beating the man up, who was injured. The imam handed over the accused to police and saved his life. However, thousands of people rushed to the police station demanding of the police to hand over the accused to the mob.
The mob attacked and broke into the police station amid aerial firing and heavy tear gas shelling from the police. The firing resulted in power outages nearby as transmission lines were damaged by bullets.
The situation is still volatile, police said, as they attempted to cool down the mob and restore peace in the area.
The Frontier Corps reached the police station to assist with maintaining law and order.


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