Peshawar doctors black day call against Imran Khan fails

PESHAWAR: Doctors’ call to observe black day on Friday against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s threatning statement has failed.
Peshawar medics had called for a black day today which demanded all colleagues to tie black ribbons around arms to condemn Khan’s statement. However, Lady Reading Hospital medics are performing duties indifferently.
In different areas of the city placards and banners have been put on display. The situation in Lady reading Hospital is different than other areas.
No medic has neither tied a black ribbon nor is protesting on cost of professional commitments.
No leader of different doctors’ organizations made himself available for comment on the situation. On other hand, Health Employees Coordination Council has not only termed Khan’s statement a contempt of court but has warned of taking it to roads also. 
Among the resented groups also is Pakistan Islamic Medical Association.
Association’s president Dr Hussain Haroon has said that Khan should not have commented on the cases that are under trail in courts.
Few days earlier, PTI leader had held doctors responsible for failure to bring reforms in Khyber Pakhtukhwa (KP) hospitals.
It should also be mentioned here journalists’ community had also demonstrated protest outside the Peshawar Press Club on November 5. Khan apparently also offended journalists in a statement during the recent press conference in the KP city.
He had used strong language against journalists for speculating about his recent divorce with Libya-born Reham Khan.


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