Safe havens of terrorists’ leadership in Afghanistan: PM Abbasi

LHC to hear contempt case against Khaqan Abbasi tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Sunday has said that terrorists’ leadership had safe havens on Afghan soil from where they attacked Pakistan’s border areas.
“We have clearly told Washington that no country other than Pakistan wanted durable peace in Afghanistan,” he said, adding the Afghan government had to deal with the issue itself as war was no solution. The Afghan issue could not define Pak-US decades long diplomatic ties, he said during an interview with private television.
To another question, the prime minister said India wanted to divert attention over its atrocities in the occupied Kashmir through false allegations about Pakistan’s support to indigenous Kashmiri struggle for freedom.
He said even their own reports had exposed the terror unleashed by the occupational Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris.
The prime minister reiterated Pakistan’s moral, legal and diplomatic support for the Kashmiri people in their struggle for right to self-determination.
He maintained that India was not on the list of friendly countries as Islamabad could not expect good intentions on her part.
“We have to defend our country. Conspiracies are being hatched to build narrative against Pakistan and we have to confront them,” he added.
The prime minister referred to growing Indian influence in Afghanistan and said India had always been involved in conspiracies to destabilize Pakistan.
Expressing his determination, Abbasi said Pakistan was countering all conspiracies and would confront them. It was cognizant of all such machinations and would deal them accordingly.
About prospects of prime ministerial level talks with India, the prime minister categorically ruled them out by linking the initiative with addressing the core issue of Kashmir.
He said to discuss issues, India must end gross human violations in the occupied Kashmir, implement UN resolutions, cease Line of Control violations and budge from its cold doctrine.
“We are open at all levels,” he said, and made it clear that it was not possible at the prime ministerial level under such scenario.
He reminded India to accept Kashmiris’ right to self-determination as on the other hand, the whole world had acknowledged their stance for freedom from the occupational forces.
The prime minister maintained that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was part of the Chinese government’s initiative of ‘One Belt One Road’ and a flagship of vast infrastructure and energy projects.
He dismissed US Defence Secretary Mattis’ statement over CPEC and said the United Nations should take measures to implement Security Council resolutions over Kashmir. – APP


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