Punjab govt makes Model Town tragedy report public: Rana Sana


LAHORE: Model Town tragedy report has been made public and visible on the website after today s ruling by Lahore High Court, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah announced on Tuesday.
Contrary to the announcement of Rana Sana, the report is currently unavailable on the website of Punjab DGPR. The website link says “Service Unavailable” at the moment.
The ruling PML-N leader has reaffirmed his claim that the Model Town incident inquiry report doesn’t hold Shehbaz Sharif responsible.
“The (Model Town incident) report only says probably the order of Shehbaz Sharif wasn’t forwarded,” the Punjab Law Minister said while speaking to a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday.
Rana Sanaullah went on to claim that not a single government official has been blamed in the report, stressing that it doesn’t hold any single individual responsible for the Model Town massacre.
He declared the Justice Baqir Najfi commission report inconclusive and incomplete, adding that it wasn’t made public due to these concerns. Rana Sanaullah announced, “There are legal flaws in the report. It cannot be presented as evidence. No police official was declared responsible in the report.”
While commenting on Lahore High Court (LHC) order to make the report public within thirty days, he responded that the Punjab government believes in the superiority of law and merit.
LHC three-member bench headed by Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh has rejected Punjab government’s petition and upheld the decision to make the Model Town judicial inquiry report public. The court dismissed three appeals filed by the Punjab government against the release and ordered to public the report of Justice Baqir Najafi Commission within 30 days.
In September, LHC full bench had retained the single bench order to make Model Town report public, rejecting the petition filed by Punjab government to annul single bench order.Model Town inquiry report


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