Sindh donates Rs300 million for children suffering from blood diseases


KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health, Dr.Sikandar Ali Mahendero, on behalf of provincial government, here on Wednesday presented a cheque worth Rs.300 million for the children suffering from different blood diseses and presently under treatment at National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD).
The minister during his visit to the facility, providing free medical interventions to the affected kids, including those in need of bone marrow transplants, said the government is equally keen to prevent incidence of the often fatal ailments among children alongwith provision for quality medical services across the province, without any distinction.
Acknowledging that the treatments for these ailments are expensive and that related faciities are not readily available in the province, Dr. Mahendero said that PPP government is extending best possible support and cooperating with the organizations and institutions working for the cause. Appreciating NIBD for taking up the responsibility to meet medical needs of child patients, mainly from families with no or limited resources, he said there was urgent and dire need for public-private partnership in healthcare and education sectors ensuring quality life for children.
The NIBD Director and known transplant surgeon, Dr. Tahir Shamsi, ¬†expressing his gratitude to the provincial government mentioned that cost of a single bone marrow transplant procedure comes to around Rs. 5 million and therefore largely beyond the means of many of the concerned parents. ” Bone marrow transplant is the only option for many of the children suffering from a peculiar type of blood disease, however, most of the blood diseses are congenital in nature,” said the surgeon urging the parents in particular and society in general to realize the relevance of prevention.
“It is not only the heavy expenses incurred on treatment but also the suffering of the affected children and above all their quality of life and trauma the kids and those related to them have to undergo,” said Dr. Tahir Shamsi. The surgeon claimed that healthcare providers and medical professionals in the country have come a long way and are now capable to provide best and world quality treatment, to their compatriots in need, however, importance of prevention and caution can not be ignored under any condition. Later the health minister visited different departments of the hospital and expressed his satisfaction with regard to quality standards maintained at its differnt sections and departments.– APP


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