Sindh MPAs want restoration of union activities in universities

Sindh Assembly

KARACHI:Legislators from MQM (P) here on Monday joined their PPP colleague in the Sindh Assembly for restoration of students’ unions in the educational institutions of the province. The provincial Assembly session that commenced around noon, with Deputy Speaker, Shahla Raza in the chair, marked its beginning with a proposal forwarded by Sattar Rajpar, from treasury benches, about revival of culture of healthy extra curricular activities through the platform of students’ unions at the universities. MPA Rajpar said students unions are the nurseries for political activism, providing base to groom team spirit and leadership capacities among youth who with the passage of time may join mainstream political parties. “This grooming is prerequisite for a strong and efficient national political culture,” he said regretting that students’ unions were banned by a dictator scarred of democratic forces in the country. The PPP lawmaker said absence of union activities in the universities had caused great loss to the country and that the vacuum created was exposing society in general to serious risks.  “We need to address the issue on urgent and efficient basis,” said the legislator. Vast majority of the house, mainly those from PPP and MQM, supported the move. However, MQM’s Faisal Sabzwari said every political party in the country has its own students’ wings and that great responsibilities lies upon them to ensure that youth are provided ample grooming opportunities. This, he said was crucial to end the culture of inherited leadership.– APP


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