Twin cities dwellers continue to suffer as protesters block Faizabad Interchange

Islamabad protest

ISLAMABAD: The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi faced massive traffic jam for 6th consecutive day on Monday as the protestors of Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR) rally continued to block Faizabad Interchange bringing traffic to a standstill.
Around 3000-3500 protestors have blocked all roads leading to Faizabad Interchange by placing barricades and also forced the administration to limit the service of Metro Bus between twin cities and private transport service at Faizabad Bus Terminal.
Traffic commuters are facing problems getting from one place to another while protestors wielding bamboo sticks are sitting at the various points not allowing traffic to move in the vicinity of Faizabad.
The protestors’ demands include punishing all those allegedly involved in making changes to Khatam-e-Nabuwat declaration for electoral candidates.
Heavy contingent of police along with Rangers and other law enforcement agencies have been deployed to maintain law and order situation who are showing maximum restraint and trying to resolve the issue through dialogue.
The roads blocked by the protestors include IJP Road, Islamabad Expressway, Murree Road and service roads. Some commuters are using alternative routes to reach their destinations while others remain stuck in traffic.
Meanwhile, huge traffic jams in different parts of city are posing problems to commuters and pedestrians as traffic is being diverted towards Chak Shehzad, Lehtrar Road in Islamabad and Double Road in Rawalpindi.
When contacted, ITP spokesman said that extra personnel have been deployed at various points to facilitate the road users and to control traffic. He said commuters could use Peshawar Road, Murree Road and Double Road to reach Islamabad while those heading towards Airport or Koral Road may use the Lehtrar Road. .
Meanwhile, the district administrations Islamabad has also chalked out a plan to avert any untoward incident and block the entry of the rally in the federal capital, especially in the Red Zone.
Heavy contingents of police, Rangers and Frontier Constabulary have been deployed in the Red Zone as well as various other parts of the city.– APP


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