US blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan: FO

Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria

ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson of Pakistan Foreign Office, Nafees Zakarya has said that the United States should refrain from making Pakistan a scapegoat for concealing its failure in Afghanistan.
Addressing at weekly briefing here in Islamabad, Zakarya rejected statement of General Joseph Dunford saying that Pakistan cleared its soil from terrorism and added that Islamabad has taken across the board action against all terrorists.
He added that the US is blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan and the statement of General Joseph Dunford was part of this stunt.
The spokesperson said that India was trying to sabotage its economic activity particularly China-Pakistan Economic Corridor by fomenting terrorism.
He said Pakistan had raised the issue of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan at every forum and has provided evidence in this regard.
The Spokesperson said under the guise of development in Afghanistan, India has actually been harboring terrorist havens in that country to orchestrate terrorism in the region.


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