Veena tried hard to keep the marriage, reveals father


LAHORE: Actress Veena Malik’s father Aslam Malik has revealed that conflicts between her daughter and Asad Khattak began soon after their marriage.
He said that Veena tried hard to keep the marriage but the couple frequently had fights over economical matters as her daughter was managing the household expenses.
Aslam Malik said that he also made much effort to make things right however; the differences escalated and they deemed it appropriate to take khula.
He told that Asad had contacted them after khula. He asserted that children should live at a place where their future is secure.
Veena’s lawyer Ali Ahmed has said that his client suffered emotional trauma due to Asad as he used to bother her on minor issues.
On the contrary, Asad has maintained that the visit to Washington and California created distance in the family.
He hoped that the matter ends into a positive note as the possibility of reconciliation exist after taking khula.


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