Zardari calls for economic emergency in country

Zardari, PPP

PESHAWAR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari Thursday demanded economic emergency in the country, saying that whenever the PML-N came into power, they brought the country on the brink of bankruptcy.
He was addressing a press conference here. He said if the country is weakening economically, then there must have been someone responsible for it. He held the Mian Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar responsible for the country’s current economic situation. He said that despite economic crisis in the world, the PPP government had increased the exports to $30 billion from $19 billion while remittances were surged from $9 billion to 13 billion dollars. He said that the PML-N has increased the burden of loans on Pakistan, which has to be returned. But, he regretted, there was no plan for paying back these loans.
He said his party would create jobs for people if the party was brought to power again by the people.
“Whenever the PPP came to power, it provided jobs to the people, didn’t snatch them.”
Commenting on the PTI chairman, Zardari said Imran Khan is lost in his own world and for him Pervez Khattak is the best individual. He said that he did not see any new Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkwha.
About new religious parties, he said that there are many religious parties in the country. However, he added, the new party, which is backing candidate in NA-4, is not good for Pakistan’s youth.
About FATA reforms, the former president said that it was right time for merger of FATA with KP, adding that the PPP government had introduced many reforms in FATA. He said that Benazir Bhutto had approached the Supreme Court for extension of its jurisdiction to FATA.
To a question about future of the PML-N, he said that if Mian Nawaz Sharif goes to jail and struggle, then there is possibility of the PML-N role in the future. He said that Nawaz Sharif still did not know the reason for his ouster.



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