1264 candidates to flex muscles for 124 PA seats in KP: PEC

By-Election on PK-30 Mansehra tomorrow

PESHAWAR: As only 20 days are left in 2018 General Election, the electioneering campaign has started heating up in Khyber Paktunkhwa where 1264 candidates are flexing muscles for 124 seats of the provincial legislature.
Official sources in Provincial Election Commission (PEC) told on Wednesday that out of 1264 candidates, 1165 will try luck on General, 79 on women and 20 non-muslims seats for KP Assembly.
Peshawar has topped all the districts where 168 candidates have entered in the last phase of election race, eyeing for its 14 PK seats. In PK -66 Peshawar-I, tough contest is expected among Hashmat Khan (MMA), Syed Liaqat Hussain Shah (PMLN), Kirmatullah Khan (PPP), Liaquat Ali Khan (ANP), Muhammad Hasham Babar (QWP), Wisal Khan (Ind) and Arbab Shahryar (Ind).
The candidate who will try their luck on PK 67 includes Asif Iqbal Daudzai (MMA), Arbab Muhammad Wasim Khan (PTI), Razaullah Khan (PPP), Fazlullah (PMLN), Muhammad Shafi (QWP), independent candidates Insaf Khan, Salim Khan, Abdul Wahab, Shahzad Khan, Liaqat Ali Khan, Muhammad Asghar Khan, Muhammad Alam, Aurangzaib Khan Tahrik Jawanan Pakistan, Malik Naseem Ahmed Khan (ANP) and Noor Akbar (Ind).
In PK 69, the candidates left in the electoral race include Arbab Jehandad Khan (PTI), Arbab Fazal Akbar, Arbab Mir Afzal Khan Daudzai, Qari Samiullah Jan (MMA), Malik Amrooz Khan Independent) and Mumtaz Khan (ANP) Wajid Sadiq (PPP-S).
In PK 70, prominent candidates who are flexing muscles are Jan Afzal (MMA), Khushdil Khan (ANP), Shah Farman (PTI), Shahid Khan (PMLN), Ghanzafar Ali (PPP), Niazur Rehman Mohmand (QWP), Muhammad Shafiq (Tahrik e Liabaik Pakistan) and independent candidate Muhammad Daud Burki.
The candidates who are running for NA 71 include Amanullah (PPP), Javed Khan (MMA), Zar Muhammad (QWP), Shah Farman (PTI), Sifatullah (PMLN), Abdul Hafeez (ANP), Samandar Khan (Tahrik e Labaiq Pakistan), indepdents candidates Muhamamd Hanif Afridi and Hidayatullah Khan.
On PK 72, main candidates entered in electoral battle include Ashfaq Ahmed Khalil ( ANP), Tahir Khan (PMLN), Faheem Ahmed (PTI), Kashif Azam (MMA), Manzoor Ali (PPP), Nargas Samin (QWP), Abdul Wali (Pakistan Rah e Haq Party), Ata Ali Khan (Peace Development Party), Shukat Ali (Ind), Sohbat Khan (Ind) and Tariq Khan (Ind).
On PK 73, the candidates left in the electoral battle include Amanullah Khan (MMA), Taimur Salim Khan Jhagra (PTI), Farhad Ali (PMLN), Muhammad Salim Akhtar Durrani ( ANP), Yashin Khan (PPP), Shabir Ahmed (Peace Development Party), Falak Niaz Khalil (QWP), Muhammad Nadir Khan (Aam Awam Party), Haibatullah Khan (Tharik Nowjawanan Pakistan) and others.
The main candidates in PK 74 Peshawar are Arbab Zarak Khan (PPP), Pir Fida PTI, Ateef Rehman MMA, Muhammad Ibrar ANP. In PK 75, the main candidates who will try luck include Arbab Farooq Jan (MMA), Aqil Shah (ANP), Qamar Zaman PMLN and Wajidullah PTI.
The main contenders on PK 76 are Ziaullah Afridi (PPP), Behrullah MMA and Asif Khan PTI whereas on PK 77 the main candidates are Hassan Mehmood Jan (PMLN), Khairul Bashir MMA, Kamran Bangash PTI and Syed Zahir Ali Shah PPP.
On PK 78, the main contesting candidates are Haji Ghulam Ali MMA, Muhammad Irfan PTI, Haroon Bashir Bilour ANP and Javed Nasim PMLQ whereas on PK79, the main contenders are Fazl Elahi PTI, Malik Naushad MMA, Abdul Jabbar ANP and Umar Khattab (PPP). The candidates of all mainstream political parties and independents have started addressing public and corner meetings and are making efforts to attract attention of the voters.


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