14 rebels killed, a dozen wounded in Afghanistan clash

MAIMANA: At least 14 Taliban have been killed and 12 others wounded during a clash in the Ghormach district of northwestern Faryab province, an official said on Wednesday.
Maj. Reza Rezae, spokesman for the 209th Shahin Military Corps, told Afghan News Agency, the clash erupted after the Taliban attacked Afghan National Army (ANA) convoy in the Kunjak locality on Ghormach-Qaisar Highway.
He said the clash took place early on Tuesday and lasted for seven hours, one ANA soldier was wounded and a truck and a crane belonging to civilian were burned after a rocket fired by the Taliban hit it.
But Obaidullah, the shadow district chief of the Taliban for Ghormach, during a telephonic conversation said one Taliban fighter was killed and another wounded in the clash.
Abdul Rahman, the resident of locality, said the truck carrying the skins of animal was overturned in the area where there was clash between security forces and the Taliban. He said the truck was being rescued by a crane when the rocket struck the truck and both heavy vehicles turned into ashes.
He said the crane belonged to Khalifa Sarwar, who was a poor man, and held by the Taliban last year in the same locality.
The Taliban shadow district chief said the group released civilians, but any body found helping security forces or was among the security forces the group would decide about them.


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