7 death row prisoners sent to gallows in Punjab jails

MULTAN: Seven death row prisoners were executed in Punjab jails early on Wednesday morning.
Three convicted prisoners were sent to gallows in Attock jail while each in Kasur, Multan, Gujrat and Sargodha.
In Attock double murder convict Muhammad Safdar and condemned prisoners Aftab and his father were executed.
Aftab and his father had killed Ahmed Khan and Pervaiz Khan.
Convicted prisoner Tufail was hanged in Kasur district jail. He had killed father and son over testimony in 2001.
Separately, Nawaz was executed in Sargodha district jail for killing his relative over land dispute 13 years back.
In Multan district jail, death row prisoner Nayyar Abbas was hanged for killing a man in 1996.

The seventh condemned prisoner, Gulfam was sent to gallows at Gujrat district jail. He was convicted for killing a man in 2001. 


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