Abdullah calls recent Hekmatyar remarks as ‘divisive’

Dr Abdullah says ready to quit Afghanistan elections for peace

KABUL: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said recent remarks by Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar about Ahmad Shah Massoud and Burhanuddin Rabbani were ‘divisive’.
Few days back, Hekmatyar, during a meeting with a number of people in northeastern Badakhshan province, said: “Do you remember Massoud welcomed the Taliban in airport without having weapons, he laid down his pistol… and told the Taliban that Kabul belongs to you, some people asked him how he trusted the Taliban, he responded that his friends in ISIhad assured him Taliban would not harm them.”
He had criticized former defense minister, Bismillah Mohammadi and said all government posts had been occupied by the Coalition for Salvation of Afghanistan and majority of generals in the Ministry of Defense (MoD) belonged to Panjsher province. He had said there were 600 generals in Afghanistan military from Panjsher province alone.
His remarks drew serious reactions. CEO Abdullah told a Cabinet meeting on Monday that “The national heroes, who sacrificed their lives, would be judged by the history and the people. Judgments based on personal obsessions would not affect our leaders and history.”
“The martyrs of peace and national heroes Ahmad Shah Massoud, Abdul Ali Mazari and Haji Abdul Qadir were the saviors of the independence of this country and fabrication of history by failed figures cannot damage the identity of national heroes,” he said.
Meanwhile, Atta Mohammad Noor, the governor of northern Balkh province and executive chief of the Jamiat-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) party also reacted to Hekmatyar’s remarks.
“Unfortunately Mr. Hekmatyar is fueling regional, tribal and linguistic divisions after joining the government, something we did not expect from him,” Noor wrote on his Facebook page.
He said recent statements of the HIA leader about Panjsher and Ahmad Shah Massoud were ‘false.’
A HIA spokesman in a comment about the CEO and Noor reactions defended Hekmatyar’s stance and said the party chief as one of the country’s leaders was responsible to expose truth to the people. – Agencies


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