Accountability of all essential for clean Pakistan: Siraj

Accountability of all essential for clean Pakistan: Siraj

LAHORE: The head of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) suggested on Friday that the disqualified politicians should stay at home and pray for Istifghar, forgiveness and said the real accountability will start when the system starts bring back of looted money to Pakistan.
In his reaction over the apex court decision, terming disqualification of lawmakers for life, he demanded the accountability of other 436 culprits whose names are in Panama Papers.
“No leniency should be given to those who indulged in write off loans and names are in Dubai and London leaks as the ,” he said.He questioned why was the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) not disclosing the 150 mega corruption cases as opening of those cases will help to bring back the billion or rupees to Pakistan.
He asked the chief justice to draft a mechanism for bringing back looted money as it would be the focal point of the real accountability.
He also demanded to Election Commission to not allow the corrupt people to take part in next general election to make the election free and fair.


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