Afghan Taliban announce support for TAPI gas pipeline project

Afghan Taliban announce support for TAPI gas pipeline project

KABUL: The Islamic Emirate declared its support for the implementation of the TAPI project passing through areas under their control in Afghanistan and called all sides involved to be mindful of the principled policy of the Islamic Emirate.
In a statement, the Islamic Emirate stated that it view the project as a vital foundational economic element for Afghanistan and consider its proper implementation as good news for the Afghan people. “The TAPI project is the second most important foundational project after Mes Aynak which can positively impact the economic growth of the Afghans. The Americans can never tolerate any such project and program which is in the interest of the Afghans. Therefore the Islamic Emirate proposes to all sides – excluding the Kabul regime – involved in the TAPI project to take a pact of security and non-jeopardization from America through the United Nations or some other respected organization before beginning any work otherwise it is not far that the said project will face similar delays as the Mes Aynak project due to American meddling,” the organization stated.


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