Afghan Taliban kill 17 policemen in Helmand


 KABUL: Over a dozen policemen were killed in a militant ambush in Musa Qala District of southern Helmand province.

Mohammad Issa, governor of Musa Qala District said that heavy clash erupted between Afghan National Police and Taliban militants last night.
He said 17 policemen embraced martyrdom and 10 insurgents killed in the fighting that also left three policemen and several rebels wounded.
Issa added that Taliban took two police vehicles with them after setting ablaze three in the area.
Mohammad Issa is quoted by an Afghan News agency as saying that policemen on the ground did not receive assistance during the clash.
“The clashes continued for several hours. Nobody came for our help. The clashes continued until all our personnel were either left dead or wounded,” Issa is quoted as saying.
However, a tribal leader is quoted by the news agency as saying that Taliban have also taken five policemen with them.
Taliban had not claimed claimed responsibility for the attack by the time this report was filed but most attacks over security forces have been carried out by Taliban militants in the past.– Agencies


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