Another democratic process reaching culmination: Aitzaz

Aitzaz Ahsan calls for action against lawyers involved in PIC riots

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples’ Party candidate for the office of the President Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan on Tuesday said with the polling for presidential election another democratic milestone would be achieved.
“Today we are going to elect new President of Pakistan. It is a democratic process and I am confident it would be free and fair,” he said talking to media in front of Parliament House.
He said three candidates would be trying their luck and keeping up the democratic norms, we shall congratulate the winning candidate.
Answering a question, he said, it is not an appropriate day to raise the controversial issues as he nailed the notion of the questioner that assemblies were going to elect 13th President of Pakistan.
“In reality, today we would be electing 9th President of Pakistan as we do not consider the four dictators Presidents as real Presidents of Pakistan and representatives of people,” he remarked.


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