Asghar Khan’s heirs reject FIA suggestion to close 2012 case

ISLAMABAD: Heirs of the late Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan on Thursday submitted their joint reply to a notice in connection with the implementation of the landmark 2012 verdict in the Asghar Khan case, asking that an inquiry in accordance with the Supreme Court’s six-year-old order be continued.

The apex court had issued notices to the legal heirs of late Asghar Khan after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) last month had recommended that a case relating to the implementation of the 2012 judgement issued on a petition by the late air chief be closed.

The 2012 SC verdict was issued on a petition filed in 1996 by Asghar Khan, requesting the top court to look into allegations that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had secretly bankrolled many politicians in the 1990 elections by dishing out Rs140 million.

In the latest development, Khan’s wife Amina Asghar Khan, his daughters Nasreen Ahmed Khattak and Sheereen Awan, and son Ali opposed the FIA’s suggestion and highlighted what they perceived to be halfhearted efforts of the authorities.

“The late air marshal, Asghar Khan endeavored to cleanse the democratic process from unlawful interference by any person, military or civilian, no matter highly placed. This endeavor has not yet achieved fruition and a just end. Consequently, the family of late air marshal Asghar Khan seeks to continue his endeavor and opposes the closure of the inquiry sought by the FIA,” said the written reply.

The family also sought conclusion of the trial against the military personal involved and the placement of the result of the trial before the people of Pakistan.


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