Asia Bibi’s lawyer leaves Pakistan citing threats to his life


ISLAMABAD: The lawyer who defended Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy, in the Supreme Court, has left the country on Saturday, saying his life was under threat.
Saiful Mulook’s latest victory saw the freeing of Asia Bibi, who spent nearly a decade on death row, after the Supreme Court overturned her sentence on Wednesday.
The decision sparked protests across the country, with major roads blocked in Lahore and Islamabad as religious hardliners called for the death of the judges and those who helped acquit Bibi.
“In the current scenario, it’s not possible for me to live in Pakistan,” the 62-year-old told a foreign news agency before boarding a plane to Europe early Saturday morning.
“I need to stay alive as I still have to fight the legal battle for Asia Bibi,” he said.
When asked about the outcry, Mulook said it was “unfortunate but not unexpected”.
“What’s painful is the response of the government. They cannot even implement an order of the country’s highest court,” he said, adding that “the struggle for justice must continue”.
According to the agreement, which came after a failed first round of talks, legal proceedings will follow to impose a travel ban on Bibi and stop her leaving the country.
“Her life would be more or less the same, either inside a prison or in solitary confinement for security fears” until a decision on the appeal, said Mulook.– Agencies


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