Audio leaks commission suspends proceedings following SC order

Govt submits eight audios

The three-member judicial commission formed to investigate the alleged audio leaks related to the judges and judiciary has halted its proceedings.

Commission head Justice Qazi Faez Isa said the proceedings were being suspended till they are informed or notified again to continue.

“We are once again categorically stating that we are not holding a meeting until we are officially told or notified to continue,” he stressed.

Earlier, the commission had started its second meeting to probe into alleged audio leaks regarding judges.

The apex court had on Friday barred the Justice Qazi Faez Isa-led audio leaks commission from functioning, issued a stay order and adjourned hearing on the petitions against the commission till May 31.

The commission, led by senior Supreme Court judge Justice Isa also comprises the Balochistan and Islamabad High Court chief justices.

Attorney General for Pakistan Mansoor Usman Awan is also attending the proceedings.

Justice Isa asked when was the next hearing on the petitions against the audio leaks commission. The AGP replied the next hearing will be held on May 31.

The judge then said that no further proceedings can take place. A meeting will not take place until the commission is officially told or notified.

“We don’t consider TV news report. The next session will not be held till we are officially told. I’m ordering leave grant and will go on vacation after this,” Justice Isa remarked.

Beginning the proceedings, Justice Isa remarked that they have found out that an order has been issued against the commission.

He asked the AGP if he had a copy of the order. The AGP then informed the commission about Friday’s verdict of the Supreme Court.

“Is the inquiry commission party to the petitions against it?” asked Justice Isa. The AGP told him the commission has been made party through its secretary.

On being asked by the judge to read out Friday’s order of the apex court from the beginning, the AGP read out the order to the commission.

Justice Isa asked if the petitioner’s counsel Shoaib Shaheen also said that whatever audio is leaked, the matter of a judge should go to the Supreme Judicial Council.

He further said dozens of petitions are received and if all of them should be corrected and sent to the Supreme Judicial Council.

“Should someone’s life be destroyed without determining the authenticity of an audio clip?” Justice Isa questioned.

He also said that those who talk about privacy make statements in talks shows, adding the judges cannot participate in talk shows.

In yesterday’s court order, the judge said, there are mentions of hacker and Twitter, and asked what Twitter and Twitter handle were.

The AGP replied that Twitter is a software where people create accounts in their own names.

Justice Isa also remarked that in Friday’s order, his case was also mentioned.

“My case was different, wherein one person came forward and said he found out something about me. I proved that he did not find out anything and that he was planted by someone else. If there is respect for others, we deserve some respect too,” the judge observed.



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