Authorities deliberate over artificial rain as heat wave death toll reaches 470

KARACHI: Authorities on Tuesday are deliberating over carrying out artificial rain following a severe heat wave in Karachi killing more than 470 people.
Ports and Shipping Director General (DG) has called a meeting today to discuss the matter. Artificial rain is a staged event which can be organised in time of severe need. The process requires the thickness of clouds’ layers at least 7,000 ft to 10,000 ft while the temperature is five degrees Celsius. The moisture in the air should be at least 70 percent to 75 percent.
A successful procedure requires wind blowing at 30 kilometres (Km) to 50 Kms per hour.
Two ways can be adopted for artificial rain, aerial or through land. A special chemical is sprayed over the clouds with the help of a plane or missiles containing the chemical are fired from land into the air.
Several countries including India and United States have used this technology during drought. Many Middle East countries are using this technology to convert deserts into green land.


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