Bab-e-Dosti remains close on 7th consecutive day


CHAMAN: The Bab-e-Dosti at Chaman border remained close on seventh consecutive day after Afghan forces attacked Pakistani census team; however, Afghans with ailments who had come to Pakistan for treatment were allowed to leave for their country on visas.
Although the census activities continued in Chaman but the life has yet to come to its routine as locals live in temporary camps set up five kilometers away from the border.
Troops of Pakistan Army were alert at the border to retaliate against any Afghan aggression. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) supply line, Afghan transit trade and pedestrian locomotion between Pakistan and Afghanistan, all were still suspended.
Meanwhile, the district government has formed a 13-member tribal jirga which would go to Afghanistan soon to meet the authorities over border protection, according to a notification from the deputy commissioner.
The notification stated the jirga would play a role in easing tensions between both the countries.


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