Bannu CTD siege is over, 25 terrorists killed,10 arrested: ISPR

Six terrorists killed as two-day long Bannu CTD siege ends: Report

BANNU: Security forces on Tuesday ended two day long siege of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Bannu cantonment that have left 25 terrorists dead.

During the operation, 3 terrorists were arrested while seven others surrendered, said DG ISPR  Major General Ahmad Sharif Chaudhry. During operation, three security personnel including Subedar Major Khursheed, who had been taken as hostage, were martyred while fighting against terrorists, while ten others including SSG commando were sustained injuries during the operation as well.

They were shifted to Bannu Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for treatment.

Earlier, Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, while addressing a hurriedly called press conference in Islamabad, said that around 33 militants had stormed the building and had entrenched themselves. He said that attempts were made to resolve the matter without blood shed.

When all attempts failed, commandos conducted a precision operation in which all 33 militants were killed while seven security officials were injured.

Video of the operation showed smoke billowing from the building. Casualties have been reported in the operation, which began earlier in the day.

Earlier, Defence Minister said that the army has taken over the control of the security, along with the police and CTD members, of the area. “The army, apart from police and CTD, in Bannu has taken the control of all the matters and led this,” he told reporters in response to a query on the siege of the facility. However, Asif maintained caution while speaking about it.

“I am right now speaking in a more cautious way. I don’t want to say anything that can affect our efforts there.”

How terrorists seized the facility?
According to Asif, as many as 33 terrorists were detained in the facility. His version of the incident as follows:

One of the terrorists while going to the washroom hit the santri, who was along with him for security, with a stone and snatched his weapon.
That santri was killed after the assault
Later terrorists seized the compound
“I will give a detailed statement on this,” the defence minister said.

Around 30 suspected militants, who were detained at the CTD facility, took over the compound after snatching guns from the policemen, initial reports said. At least three personnel were injured when the terrorists opened fire.

They are reported to have taken around 10 staff members hostage in an attempt to demand safe evacuation to Afghanistan, said the CTD source. Two other officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, corroborated the information that the militants were looking to negotiate safe passage to Afghanistan. The affiliation of the militants was not immediately known.

“It’s not clear if the terrorists attacked from outside, or if they snatched the ammunition from staff inside while being interrogated following their arrest,” Bannu police spokesman Muhammad Naseeb told Reuters on Sunday. He said the compound had been surrounded by security forces.

A video that surfaced on social media shows armed men in shalwar kameez speaking “Banuchi”—the local accent of Pashtu spoken in the district—then Urdu, giving the impression that they are not from Afghanistan.

Twelve Rescue 1122 ambulances have been rushed to the cantonment. A public holiday was declared today (Monday) for all offices and schools within Bannu Cantt and the district administration and courts are also closed.



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