Bilawal accuses govt of blackmailing NAB to control its powers


LARKANA: Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari accused that the incumbent government is blackmailing National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to get control of the institution and to use its powers against his political opponents.
Addressing a news conference, Bilawal said PM Imran Khan is doing politics of blackmailing and PPP condemns this act. He said NAB Law is a black Law made by a dictator.
Bilawal expressed that the interview of chairman NAB is violation of court orders. He said the current wave of Inflation is due to government’s incompetency. He said government has failed to collect tax revenue and people are facing the burden of government’s negligences.
PPP leader said government is heading with no direction on economic matters.
Bilawal added that the federal minister spread fear among public on HIV cases. He demanded such ministers be removed if PM believes in humanity.
He said the names of people affected by HIV should not come on media. We have to fight against it with collective efforts, he added.
He said there was lack of awareness about HIV in Pakistan, adding that it could develop into aids within 10 years only if it is not treated.
Bilawal said HIV can be treated and there is a need to start awareness campaign against the disease. He said the authorities are working hard and we cannot leave affected people alone.


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