Bilawal dubs Modi as butcher of Kashmir

Bilawal says PPP to stand with democracy

KARACHI: Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sunday lashed out at Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, over the human rights abuses in Indian-occupied Kashmir and termed his as butcher of Kashmir.
In his tweet, the chairman of PPP dubbed Modi as the “Butcher of Gujarat who has become the butcher of Kashmir.”
He stated that the world must act together to stop the brutalities being carried out by Indian forces in the disputed territory.
“The butcher of Gujarat has become butcher of Kashmir and wants to lecture us on terrorism? World must work together to stop this tyrant,” he said. He added that people of both Pakistan and India want peace.
“No matter what non-state actors do, no matter what our media wants, no matter what politicians say, people of India and Pakistan want peace,” he said.


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