Bilawal says no compromise on provinces’ rights, 18th Amendment

India hatches conspiracy to change demography of Kashmir: Bilawal

PM Imrna doesn’t have courage to talk face-to-face in parliament
ISLAMABAD: Reacting to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet about politicians’ names on ECL, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Thursday said Prime Minister Imran Khan does not have the courage to talk face-to-face in the Parliament.
He was speaking during the National Assembly session. He said, “a day earlier, the Supreme Court ordered that my name by removed from the ECL and this morning the premier tweeted about it. It would have been better if the premier came to the House and spoke about these matters instead of tweeting about them,” Bilawal said.
“PM Imran should have spoken about these matters face-to-face so we could have responded directly. However, he doesn’t have the courage to do so,” the PPP chairman added.
Bilawal further said, “PPP will not allow any comprise on the financial matters of provinces.” “We will strongly oppose any action against the 18th Amendment,” he said, adding that no one could snatch the rights that have been granted to provinces.
“You are asking for donations to run your government, how will you give Rs14 million to operate hospitals?” he asked. He said that the opposition parties will “not allow any compromise on democratic and fundamental rights”. “The government’s allies are also supporting us and soon PTI members will too,” he added.
“After the two previous governments completed their terms, the current government will do so as well,” the PPP chairman stated. “If there is any attack on democracy, it will not be tolerated,” Bilawal stressed.
Earlier today, Bilawal responded to PM Imran’s tweets questioning why some lawmakers are “so scared” of the ECL.
Quoting the premier’s tweet, Bilawal wrote, “Obviously selected PM doesn’t understand the concept of human rights or freedom of movement.” “Funny it’s only the opposition members on ECL, government members are busy travelling. Including PM who despite promising not to travel for first six months has made more than 7 trips so far!” the PPP chairman added.
The premier had tweeted saying, “Why are some of our lawmakers so scared of the ECL? Why are they so keen to go abroad? There is so much work to be done by politicians in and for Pakistan — the land they claim to love but some cannot wait to take frequent trips abroad and lawmakers have iqamas or residencies abroad.”
“Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon to those of us who would be quite happy to remain in and work for Pakistan because we actually love Pakistan,” PM Imran added.


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