Bilawal’s speech turns NA session into fish market

ISLAMABAD: The speech of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari turned the National Assembly session into a fish market when the treasury benches objected the PPP’s leader’s words ‘selected, incompetent’ for Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Speaking at the National Assembly, Bilawal Bhutto said that the government should inform the house that why the ministers were removed, adding that ‘selected prime minister, could not hide his incompetency by changing the minister. He said that the ‘incompetent’ prime minister also has to go. The treasury members including Federal Minister Omar Ayub raised on their benches and started shouting in the house. The speaker expunged the Bilawal’s remarks about the prime minister, however, the treasury members were not ready to let Bilawal complete his speech.
The PPP chairman said that if he was not allowed to complete his speech, then the PPP would not allow the prime minister to speak in the house.
He also renewed his demand for removal of ministers for their links with banned groups. He also objected to the appointment of Ijaz Shah as interior minister, alleging that he was involved in murder of the American journalist.
“If the government is serious about action against terrorists they have to sack the minister,” he said. “The anti-democracy minister considers us a threat. If they think we will remain silent over their abuses then let me them it’s not possible.”
Bilawal said that the PPP was not scared of dictators like Ayub and Musharraf, and will remain steadfast against the puppet government.
“We will continue to expose their anti-poor policies,” he said. “You have to be accountable that’s what happens in a democracy.”
When Omar Ayub started his speech, the PPP members started shouting in the house, forcing the speaker to adjourned the session for five minutes.


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