Cadet College Mastung torture case: BHC directs police to complete inquiry within 10 days

QUETTA: The Balochistan High Court (BHC) Wednesday ordered Deputy Inspector General (DIG) CTD Aitzaz Goraya to visit Cadet College Mastung to eliminate fear among students after a video of corporal punishment went viral.
During the hearing of the case, the DIG informed the court that nine suspects have been identified through the video and after speaking with students. The court directed the police to present inquiry report within ten days.
Chief Justice Mohammad Noor Meskanzai said that punishing the principal of the college, before inquiry will have a “negative impact” on the teachers.
“Education should not be influenced by politics,” Justice Hashim Kakar, who is a member of the two-member bench, remarked during today’s hearing.
The DIG told the bench that one senior student, who was allegedly involved in the incident, had been arrested from Mastung, while police are searching for others.
“Punishment should not be inflicted upon an innocent person,” Justice Meskanzai said, adding that the police must take action against those involved in accordance with the law.
The hearing was adjourned until May 28.


  1. Plz take quick and strick action against the culprets..who gve brutal punishment to the innocent students…aftr watching this video no parent will wish to admit there children in cadet colges…v sent are children there to get good education ..not to get brutal punishments..


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