Chaos in Murree: Govt to deploy civil-armed forces to evacuate tourists


MURREE: In a bid to evacuate tourists from Murree amid snowstorm forecast, the government has decided to seek help from civil-armed forces. In a video message on Twitter, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the government has decided to seek “undeclared” help from civil-armed forces to evacuate the tourists from the area.

He admitted that despite their 12-hour efforts, they could not restore traffic in the city as a large number of vehicles have entered the hill station.  The interior minister said that he was personally overseeing the matter, adding that Punjab and the federal governments were also monitoring the situation.

He said that thousands of people were left stranded on the streets amid the chilly weather and urged the local people to help the tourists.

It is pertinent to mention here that thousands of tourists were left stranded as the routes to Malka-e-Kohsar were closed due to heavy snowfall.


According to the local administration, rain and blizzards are forecast tonight in and around Murree, with thunderstorms at a speed of 50-90 kmph and heavy snowfall.

The administration has warned the citizens not to leave their homes in severe weather or turn to Murree as severe weather conditions are likely to continue till late at night.


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