Citizens advised to wear masks as dense smog chokes Punjab city


ISLAMABAD: Environment expert on Thursday urged citizens of Punjab specially kids to wear “pollution masks” to protect themselves from the toxic air in morning hours.
A report aired by a private news channel said , a senior environmental expert Pervaiz Amir warned citizens to avoid stepping out or indulging in outdoor activities during the early morning and evening hours as the thick smog continue to blanket many cities of Punjab.
The walks should be scheduled during the noon when the pollution level is slightly lower, he suggested.
He advised the elderly, children and patients with respiratory and cardiac problems to avoid strenuous activity, which leads to inhalation of greater volumes of minute pollutants, early in the morning or late in the evening.
Expert said lungs of the elderly and children are less capable of handling such high levels of pollutants and thus they develop breathing difficulty.
“And, it is not not just limited to lungs. It can also affect the cardio-vascular system and the brain,” he said.
Pervaiz Amir said inhalation of air toxins causes infections and swelling of the airway. “The immediate effects are cough, throat infections and pneumonia, but one can also develop lung cancer.”
He stressed that the people should stay indoors as much as they can when the levels of fog are high; avoid exercise or exert yourself outdoors when air-quality levels are not so safe and fog is thick . Asthmatic patients have increased wheezing when they breathe in damp air, he added. – APP


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