Coalition parties express no confidence on CJP-led 3-member bench

Coalition parties express no confidence on CJP-led 3-member bench

ISLAMABAD: The coalition parties have expressed no confidence over three-member bench of the Supreme Court in Punjab election case, urging the chief justice to form full court for hearing of the case.
Addressing a press conference after a meeting of the coalition parties, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) president Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that some judges wanted to give relief to Imran Khan.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the three-member bench wanted to impose the minority’s decision on the majority. The three-member bench was not trustworthy, and ethically, the Chief Justice and the other two judges should be recused themselves from this case.
He said that Imran Khan wanted to divide institutions, and the two criminals involved in election rigging are not being brought to justice. He said that some judges wanted to give relief to Imran Khan, but the PDM did not trust this bench of three judges. There is a judge in this bench who recused after the first hearing and then returned and sat. “In our view, this bench of the Supreme Court is clearly playing the role of a faction in the cases of two provinces.”
Fazlur Rehman said that it is necessary to have an election across the court keep the country together. “The Chief Justice is advising us to sit together and decide, but they are they themselves have divided their own court.”
Meanwhile, a press release issued after the meeting stated that the allied parties have demanded formation of full court to hear the Punjab election case.
According to press release, important decisions were made in the meeting. The meeting participants were of the view that the country should have elections on the same day nationwide. Any deviation would put the country in a devastating political crisis., the press release said. “This situation would be synonymous with a suicidal attack on the country’s economic interests. Conspiring to create a political and constitutional crisis will not be accepted under any circumstances.”
The press release further stated that unfortunately, an administrative matter has been turned into a political and constitutional crisis. Ignoring economic, security, constitutional, legal, and political affairs is synonymous with noncompliance with state interests. “Urgency to provide relief to a particular group or party shows a political agenda, which is contrary to the power of the constitution and the Election Commission.”
The participants of the meeting said that the Supreme Court’s larger bench had already rejected the suo motu case by a majority of four judges against three. “The Chief Justice wants to impose a minority decision on the majority. “Under the leadership of Justice Faez Isa, the bench has ordered the halt of proceedings under section 184(3). Everyone must respect the decision of the bench led by Justice Qazi Faez.”
The press release stated that Justice Ijazul Ahsan’s rejoining of the three-member bench is unfair and contrary to the Supreme Court’s procedures. “This will only create confusion in the minds of the people and weaken the credibility of the judiciary.” The judiciary is the only institution that can ensure the rule of law in the country, and all parties should respect its decisions.


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