Dead bodies of abducted Pakistanis found near Pak-Afghan border

GHAZNI: An Afghan official says the corpses of four men kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan last week have been found. All had been shot dead.
Asadullah Ensafi, the deputy chief police of Ghazni province, said Wednesday that the bodies were found in Nawur district, which borders Pakistan.
He says three of the men were Hazara. The other was a Sunni Pashtun.
The Hazara are a largely Shia ethnic minority in predominantly Sunni Afghanistan. The group has been targeted by the Taliban and other Sunni extremists in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan.
In February, 30 Hazara men were abducted in Zabul province, south of Ghazni.
Last month, 11 Hazaras were kidnapped in northern Baghlan, which also has been plagued by militants since the Taliban stepped up their war against Kabul in April.


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