Deadline to submit party tickets, withdraw nomination papers ends

ECP adjourns PTI foreign funding case hearing till Oct 10

ISLAMABAD: The deadline for candidates to submit their party tickets for those to withdraw their nomination papers ended at 4pm on Friday.
After election tribunals wrapped up verdicts on appeals against objections to the decisions of returning officers on June 27, the revised list of candidates was issued on June 28.
Today was the last day for candidates vying to contest the General Election 2018 to submit their party tickets and for those unwilling to take part in the poll contest to withdraw their nomination papers.
Moreover, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) stated today that it will announce the polling scheme and final list of candidates with electoral symbols tomorrow.
It is mandatory for the candidates to submit their party tickets in order to be allotted electoral symbols. Those who fail to do so will be considered independent candidates.
The ECP stated that the final list of candidates will be displayed at the offices of the returning officers and district returning officers tomorrow, following which it will be uploaded on the commission’s website.
Moreover, the electoral body asserted that candidates will have a total of 23 days to hold their campaigns, as all campaigning will seize 48 hours before polling.
The elections are scheduled to be held on July 25, 2018 from 8am to 6pm.
Preparations of the upcoming elections are under way, with the ECP making arrangments to ensure smooth and transparent elections.
On June 26, the polling scheme for Lahore was finalised, which contained constituency-wise lists of polling stations, number of registered voters, and other relevant details. Similar schemes for other areas are yet to be announced.
The printing of ballot papers will commence from July 1 at printing presses in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi under the supervision of the army.


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