Despite international pressure I went for nuclear tests: Nawaz

Whoever rigs upcoming elections to be held accountable: Nawaz

LAHORE: Former prime minister and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif Monday said that despite international pressure on him, he decided to go for nuclear tests so that no one could treat Pakistan with bad intentions.
Nawaz Sharif was addressing a ceremony held to commemorate 20th anniversary of nuclear tests of Pakistan. He claimed that then US president Bill Clinton had offered him $5 billion not to carry out the nuclear tests. “If I was corrupt and not a patriot I would have said that bring me the money,” he said.
Nawaz said that then British leaders and other international leaders also asked him to not to proceed with the tests.
He said that it was due to nuclear tests that Indian prime minister visited Pakistan after eight months of the tests.
He said that he appeared before the accountability court for the 75th time in relation to the Panama case investigation.
Meanwhile, a supporter who had attempted to shake PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s hand was roughed up by security officials.
In a video clipping, the man can be seen moving toward Nawaz and extending his hand. The security personnel then quickly circle the man and continue to beat him despite Maryam Nawaz and the PML-N supremo being visibly distraught at the reaction of the security officers.
Nawaz and senior party leader Saad Rafique later embraced the man. Maryam also denounced the behaviour of the security officers, stating that ‘supporters have a special relationship with their quaid [leader].’


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