Dialogue only option for Pakistan, India to move forward: PM

Dialogue only option for Pakistan, India to move forward: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said India will have to respond to Pakistan’s peaceful gestures in order to move forward to address the longstanding disputes.
Talking to the Indian media persons in Islamabad, he said one sided efforts cannot bear any fruit.
Prime Minister said he has approached India from day one in office saying that his country will take two steps if New Delhi takes one to improve ties.
He, however regretted that the Indian response has so far been disappointing.
He said he felt India’s lack of response to Pakistan’s outreach seemed to be governed by electoral calculations.
He said there is complete consensus in Pakistan for developing better relations with India.
Imran Khan said dialogue is the only option for Pakistan and India to move forward on the path of peace.
He stressed there should be no pre conditions for dialogue as it will mean there is no intention for peace.
The Prime Minister pointed out that Kashmir is the only core issue between the two countries. He said the solution of this problem is possible provided the leadership of both the countries demonstrate will towards that end.
He stressed that there are great dividends of peace between the two neighboring countries. He said the resolution of Kashmir dispute will benefit the whole sub-continent as it open the region for trade and economic activities.


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