Distribution companies propose hike in gas prices

Gas companies seek Rs85-623 per mmbtu increase in gas tariff

ISLAMABAD: Distribution companies have asked the federal government to raise the prices of gas in the country.
As per details, Sui Northern has demanded 31% rise in the prices of gas whereas Sui Southern has asked government to raise prices by 8%.
The distribution companies asked OGRA to raise prices because with current prices their profit was low. OGRA said Sui Southern has asked to raise gas prices by Rs 62.52 per MM BTU. SSGCL average cost price is Rs 799 and current average sale price is Rs 735.48 per MM BTU.
Sui Northern also asked to raise prices by Rs 115.54 per MM BTU.
SNGPL is supplying gas at a cost of Rs 81895 per unit while average sale price is Rs 62493 per unit.
Public hearing for SSGC is scheduled for Nov 20 in Karachi while public hearing for SNGPL is scheduled for Nov 19 in Lahore.


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