Doctors warn govt against lifting COVID-19 lockdown

Doctors warn govt against lifting COVID-19 lockdown

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) expressed its dissatisfaction over the existing lockdown in the country, warning the government against lifting restrictions as it would allow the coronavirus to spread further.
“A better lockdown should be imposed,” said Dr Ikram Tunio, President PMA Central. “The federal government has principally said it would ease the lockdown whereas the PMA is in favour of a strict lockdown, safety precautions and introduction of public awareness campaigns so that the coronavirus is contained,” he added.
He said that at the moment, there were only 63 beds allocated for coronavirus patients in Karachi’s five government hospitals. “Whatever figures you have been provided, these [figures] are in our knowledge. As you know very well, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and the infection will only spread if the situation remains the same,” he said.
Dr Tunio said that other cities were also at risk if the infection started spreading in Karachi at a faster pace. He said that this was not a lockdown as one could witness ‘juloos’ outside NADRA offices and vegetable markets.
“What we refer to as a lockdown, this is not that [lockdown],” he said. “If restrictions are eased, then think about what will happen,” he added. “We advise the government to implement the WHO’s protocols.”
He said that in the past couple of weeks, not a single person had died from hunger. “People have lost their lives from the coronavirus or other diseases but not from hunger,” said Dr Tunio.


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