Dollar slides to Rs 159.20 after yesterday’s Rs 160 breach

Dollar reaches all-time high of Rs193 in interbank trade

KARACHI: The dollar after a week long slow and steady ascension on Wednesday falls 85 paisa against the PKR in one swift motion.
The greenback observed a significant decrease in the interbank market trading at Rs 159.20 in contrast of the Rs 160 threshold breach recorded yesterday.
Yesterday, US Dollar registered another increase against the Pakistani Rupee in the Interbank and open market trading.
The greenback rose to Rs 160.20 against the PKR increasing 34 paisa in overall value.
The open bank market also saw the American currency at an upwards trajectory with values registering at Rs 160.80 with a 30 paisa increase against the PKR.
The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) also began trading today on a positive note registering positive trends at the beginning of the share exchange for the day.
The PSX saw an increase of 261 points with the 100 index clocking 33.233 thousand points.


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