ECP issues code of conduct for foreign observers in upcoming elections

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday has issued a 14-point code of conduct for foreign observers in the upcoming general elections.
According to these rules, no person will be permitted to observe election process unless he presents accreditation car issued by ECP or its authorized officer.
Official shall display their official identification badges issued by ECP all the time and shall present it to the election officials and other security officials when requested.
Observers shall respect sovereignty of Pakistan as well fundamental rights and freedom of its people.
Observers shall maintain good behavior, respect others including exhibiting sensitivity for culture and customs of the country and shall observe the highest level of professional conduct throughout their job.
Observers shall adhere to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and respect the authority of ECP.
Observer shall follow instructions issued by the ECP and state authorities including security officials and shall maintain and respectful attitude towards them.
Political impartiality shall be maintained by observers at all costs while observing the election process. They shall not exhibit any bias or preference with regard to local authorities, political parties and candidates as well as any issue related to the process of election.
Observers shall not conduct or participate in any activity that may generate an impression of favoring or opposing any political party or a candidate.
Observers will have right to ask any question and to clear any query but they will not obstruct directly or indirectly elections process.
Observers shall ensure that all their observations are impartial, objective and depict highest standard of accuracy.
Individual observer shall not make personal comments about his observation or conclusion on the election process to the media.
Observation organization or groups shall ensure that only their nominated persons give comment about the election process.


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