Ehsaas emergency cash program retailers illegally deducting money

Ehsaas emergency cash program retailers illegally deducting money

ISLAMABAD: Government still appears to be helpless in controlling mismanagement in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program as several incidents of illegal deduction reported.
As per details, Following the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program for the poor, the centres all across the country started giving cash to the needy.
However it is shocking to receive the reports that the amount meant for the beneficiaries either deducted partially or misappropriated through tempering.
In a recent incident a woman receiving aid in Multan was given Rs 10,500 instead of twelve thousand rupees. Furthermore The receipt was also not issued to the woman. Soon after the incident reported, Deputy Commissioner of Multan took notice, and lodged FIR against retailer Bhatta Brothers. Deputy Commissioner directs all Assistant Commissioners and Revenue Officers to closely monitor cash collection centers.
Deputy Commissioner said that timely lawsuit should filed against fraudsters.
Ehsaas Cash Program Mismanagement
Its not the first incident of mismanagement reported in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.
Earlier In Tandojam, two women fought each other to receive the money. Unable to find place, to women quarreled.
Chaos also reported in Jacobabad where some women reached the place designated as a cash counter early and when the gate opened, they formed crowd at the collection area.
Misappropriation of funds also reported in Tandlianwala where the retailers are looting the money of beneficiaries. When the poor woman asked the retailer to provide her cash, it revealed that the money has already withdrawn earlier.
In another reported incident, police officials in Jahanian district of Punjab, arrested the retailer of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program for giving deducted cash to the beneficiaries. Police came in to action when the beneficiary complained of getting Rs 9 thousand instead of Rs 12 000.
Women recipients complained that those working at the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program counters are working in collusion with the ‘agent mafia’. Several women fainted because of heat and rush, while many witnessed a lack of proper arrangements. Huge crowds witnessed and many had to wait for hours because of cash shortage.
The poor beneficiaries including women, old, workers, farmers, daily wagers and others appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan that these practices must checked and necessary action should initiated against those responsible.


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