Experts rule out repeat of Eidul Fitr virus outbreak

COVID-19 death toll exceeds 150,000 in pandemic-hit US
COVID-19 death toll exceeds 150,000 in pandemic-hit US

PESHAWAR: Experts have ruled out the possibility of a large-scale coronavirus outbreak on Eidul Azha like last Eidul Fitr saying a large number of people have recovered from the infection and developed immunity.

Prof Khalid Mahmood at the Lady Reading Hospital told Dawn that a spike in Covid-19 cases was unlikely to happen after Eidul Azha. “Eidul Azha is a bit different from Eidul Fitr as socialising, shopping and greeting are not that common,” he said.

The expert also said hot and humid weather and immunity in those people, who had recovered from coronavirus, were going to prevent the virus spread in the community.

Prof Khalid said no concrete local data was available but as a wild guess, 20-30 per cent of the infection-prone and exposed population had had Covid-19, who were unlikely to contract the infection again due to immunity. He said the population at risk had decreased, so the outbreak’s return may not be that bad.

Vice-Chancellor of the Khyber Medical University Prof Ziaul Haq said the virus incidence was on the decline. “We now know much about it, how to prevent, and manage it.” The VC said many vaccine and treatment trials were under process.

He said Pakistan’s gains in the fight against Covid-19 was commendable but if SOPs were not followed on Eid and afterwards, cases could surge.


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