Faizabad Interchange sit-in enters seventeenth day

Faizabad sit-in enters 18th day

ISLAMABAD: Faizabad sit-in by a religious party entered its seventeenth day today (Wednesday) and prolonged protest has compounded miseries of people of the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad and surrounding areas.
Blockade of main entry and exit points of the twin cities and traffic diversions are resulting in traffic mess, forcing commuters to spend hours on roads.
Besides serious disruption to business activities in some areas; office goers, students, daily wage earners and patients are worst victims of the on-going phenomenon.
The Government has made several attempts to resolve the issue peacefully and through negotiations but so far these have not borne any fruit because of rigid stance of the protesters.
The Interior Minister after a meeting with Ulema and Mashaikh formed a Committee to help resolve the stand-off peaceful.
The Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court have also taken notice of the sit-in.


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