Faryal lashes out, uploads objectionable photo of Amir’s younger brother

LONDON: Wife of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan uploaded an objectionable photo of her brother-in-law on Snapchat and her husband’s younger brother, Haroon Khan, on social media as the family dispute intensified further, on Wednesday.
One day after Amir Khan’s parents stated that they had objected to Faryal Makhdoom’s dressing and that there was no truth in her claims of being bullied or abused, Faryal Makhdoom took to Snpachat and uploaded a nude picture Khan’s younger brother Haroon Khan. Faryal also lashed out at her in-laws, a couple of hours after her husband publicly said that his wife and parents were tarnishing his image and both might end up losing a son as well as a husband.
“I hate liars and I will not sit quietly,” said a furious Faryal. “Whether you are a thief or a murderer, when you see a mother in tears, people sympathize,” she added, referring to a recent interview of her mother-in-law.
“My dressing was an issue? What about the fact that I was not considered a daughter-in-law for the past three years? Why was that not an issue?” she asked.
Faryal said that she had spent ‘three years in hell’ and expressed shock at her in-laws’ double standards.
“Are they right because they are blood relatives while I’m wrong because of being the daughter-in-law?” she asked.
Faryal took things certainly to a next level when she uploaded a nude picture of Haroon Khan, also a professional boxer and Amir Khan’s younger brother, on Snapchat.
“My dressing is an issue while you’re son is in an objectionable state and your daughters don’t wear dupattas?” she asked. “Your own daughters won’t last a day with their own in-laws and you’re pressurizing me? she fumed.
Things took a turn for the worse when Amir Khan uploaded a frustrated message on social media, urging his wife and parents to stop the ‘childish behaviour’ otherwise ‘they will lose a son and a husband’.


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