Federal cabinet decides not to immediately remove 172 names from ECL

Federal Cabinet discusses political, economic situation

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Wednesday decided not to immediately remove names of all 172 suspects from Exit Control List as it was decided to review names included in ECL on a case-by-case basis following Supreme Court order to remove names of 172 individuals placed in light of the JIT report.
As many as 172 individuals, including prominent politicians, were placed on the no-fly list by the federal government for their alleged role in the long-running mega money laundering and fake bank accounts case.
Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a federal cabinet meeting today during which the government decided against striking down every name on the list immediately. According to media reports, those included in the list will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and after the probe is completed then some names will be removed from the ECL.
State Interior Minister Shahryar Khan Afridi and legal experts briefed the prime minister on the case during the cabinet meeting.
On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to review its decision to place 172 individuals on ECL.
As per the agenda of the meeting, the prisoner transfer between Pakistan and China, registration of the union council chairman, sale of substandard stents and the formation of a special committee for Karachi transformation were scheduled to be discussed.
A coordination council was also to be formed to curb poverty, members of nursing council were to be appointed and approval was to be accorded for a new management board of Quaid-e-Azam’s mazar during the meeting.
The agenda stated that the cabinet will also accord approval for a $5 million grant for Dubai Expo. Increased defence cooperation between Japan and Pakistan was also on the meeting’s agenda.


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