FIA uncovers millions in cash stashed in under construct plaza in Rawalpindi

FIA uncovers millions in cash stashed in under construct plaza in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has unearthed 13 lockers filled with millions of rupees in cash in a conducted a raid in Rawalpindi after receiving a report from sensitive security agencies.

During the operation, 13 lockers were uncovered, each containing substantial sums of cash. Additionally, two individuals were apprehended in connection with the FIA’s actions.

The raid was conducted at an under-construction plaza situated in the Shamsabad district of Rawalpindi. Prior to the operation, authorities conducted a week-long surveillance operation. Their attention was drawn to a small iron gate leading to the parking area of the plaza’s double basement, where some spare construction equipment was stored.

Upon closer examination, the FIA team detected a hollow space behind one of the walls, which was subsequently breached, revealing a concealed door. Beyond this door were 13 sizable iron lockers, each equipped with security systems and cameras.

Upon receiving notice of the operation, the owner of the plaza arrived with legal documents, attempting to explain the situation to the FIA team. He also proposed opening the lockers himself to avoid them being forcibly accessed by authorities.

Reports indicate that a heated dispute ensued between the FIA team and the plaza owner concerning the discovered funds. The owner insisted that the money remain on-site, while the FIA team contended that the confiscated funds must be secured. Subsequently, the FIA requested police assistance in resolving the matter.

Regarding the owners, who are identified as participants in the housing society business, a preliminary report has been submitted to FIA authorities.


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